The word Enjoy is something my mother wrote at the end of every note that was attached to her cakes and cookies. She also wrote it at the end of every recipe she gave someone. She truly wanted everyone to enjoy what she cooked and oh how she loved to cook and bake. I am truly my mother’s daughter and have inherited her love of all things food. It’s also what connects me to her now that she is no longer physically here. She is also where my recipes started. When I got married, my mom hand wrote a small cookbook for me with a dozen or so of her recipes. Over time, I would call her up for more of her recipes, type them up and glue them into the back of the book. When that got full, I made a new recipe book and put her photograph on the cover. She was thrilled that there was a cookbook with her recipes in it.

23 years later I have binders filled with family recipes, recipes from magazines, cookbooks, friends, cooking shows and many recipes I have created.

I hope you make a reservation to join me, I think you’ll really Enjoy cooking with me!

2 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Robert Smith

    Hi! We were in the SCORE seminars together….I’m the one that bought the Woodcraft Store. Anyway, I have a great mashed potato recipe for you to try…..

    5lbs potatoes peeled and cooked in the appropriate amount of salted boiling water.

    After they are soft….mash them with a stick of butter then add and mash in half a brick of cream cheese and as much sour cream as you need to make them soft. You can keep a little of the water to add if needed. The best part is you can make these the night before or two nights before, add and mix in a bit of the water as they dry out a bit in the refrigerator as the potatoes are still looking for liquid or add some more butter (did I say this is not a diet mashed potato recipe) and warm them up in the oven or microwave! They are best eaten right away, however! If you want to add some garlic or chives or something else, that is fine.

    1. Sherri Post author

      Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? Great recipe, I’ll have to try it and give you all the credit! Thanks for reading and keeping in touch!


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