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In 2016 – Look to the Cookie!

Let’s make 2016 the year we all look to the cookie!

I wonder what it is about certain catch phrases that live on for years. You know the ones I mean.  Everything from where’s the beef, to suit up, to how YOU doin’. For my family these catchy sayings usually come from the television show Seinfeld. 17 years since the series final episode, we still find ourselves quoting the show almost weekly – serenity now! Maybe because we are New Yorker’s at heart or just because they are so darn funny – probably both! With that being said, this year I propose we look to the cookie and all our problems will be solved (thanks again Jerry)! In this case, not the black and white, but the fortune cookie. After reading though several fortune cookies, I realized they encourage mindfulness. They steer us towards enlightenment, positivity, humor, and make us stop and think.

When it comes to believing in fortune cookies, my sister is the real deal! One of the things I love most about her is how serious she takes them. She will try to figure out if there is a hidden meaning for her in the message, or why she got the one she did. When we go around the table and read ours aloud, she makes adorable faces as if to agree or disagree with what it said, sometimes disappointed when it doesn’t have a good message, and she always saves them. If you walked into her house right now, I can promise you will find a fortune somewhere! We all love when she gets excited and says “OMG that’s so true.” I think she’s on to something.

Can you think about the last fortune you opened? Do you remember what it said? Mine said “All your hard work will soon pay off.” I kept it, believed it, and will continue to work hard. For 2016, what do you want your fortune to say? Will you try to find the hidden meaning? Will you agree with it, or disagree? Will you save it? Look to the cookie…

Something wonderful is about to happen to you.
Laugh long, loud, and often
You create your own stage and your audience is waiting
Common sense is not so common
Marriage lets you annoy one special person the rest of your life
Don’t pursue happiness, create it.
You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.
Never compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best you can do.
Don’t panic!
If you don’t like the fortune, don’t eat the cookie!

So 2016… as we charge into this new year we come filled with new hopes, lighter eating, more exercising, and kindness towards others. Take these messages and make them happen. Something wonderful is about to happen to you! Laugh long, loud and often. Happy New Year to my wonderful readers.

Finally, a special shout out to my sister… Inside your fortune cookie today it will read “Someone loves you and wishes you the happiest of birthdays”

Look to the cookie!

We Should be Holding a Pie or Something!

We should be holding a pie or something! Actually, they should be holding a birthday cake – or two!

A few weeks ago, my husband and his dad were headed out for a bike ride. Before they left I ran out with my camera to take a quick picture of them. I think you’ll agree, too cute not to! The matching shirts were kind of a coincidence – so that worked out in my favor! While I was taking the picture, my father in law said “we should be holding a pie or something.” And with these 8 little words I smiled and thought, I wish they were holding a pie so I could blog about them. Then I realized, they didn’t need a pie – that’s not what my blog is about. It’s not about how many ways can you make a cookie, or 6 photos of the same brownie shot on different plates, in 6 different angles. It’s about food and the connection we have with it, it’s about family, friends, life events and my journey in this world.

Without pie in hand, they left with two bikes on the car rack, in matching shirts, and a cooler in tow filled with goodies for the day. Among the homemade cookies were tuna fish sandwiches, potato chips, clementines, apples, 6 bottles of water and granola bars. That’s how a Jewish mother packs a cooler – filled to the brim until you can’t close the lid! Several hours later, they came home tired, sunburned and with an empty cooler!

So today’s post is all about my birthday boys, father and son, one birthday on the 12th the other on the 13th. It’s easy to remember who’s birthday comes first. My father-in-law will remind you he came first so naturally his birthday is on the 12th! Happy birthday to 2 of my favorite guys!



Happy Valentine’s Day! How do You Tell Someone You Love Them?


In the spirit of the week, Happy Valentine’s Day! How do you tell someone you love them?

I’m not a huge fan of this holiday although you’d never know it by the amount of baking and candy coming in and out of here the past few days! My mother called it “a card store” holiday. She always said if you love someone, tell them or show them now. Don’t wait for a card company to tell you to do it. Of course she was was right, and I’m glad she taught me that. The last words I said to her were I love you. I have held that that in my heart everyday for the past 18 years.

That’s the funny thing about love, you carry it with you even when the person lives far away, doesn’t call, forgets your birthday, or is no longer with us. So in light of this, how can you not be captivated by a holiday that is all about love? How do you tell them you love them?

If you have someone you are in love with, infatuated with, smitten with, enchanted by, fascinated by, or bewitched by, don’t wait until tomorrow to tell them. Do it now – never wait – pick up the phone and say I love you. My 10 year old niece Amanda knows this. On Monday she put a little bag of candy in her mother’s purse with a note on it. She does things like this all the time. When she comes here for a visit, she leaves little love notes and drawings on post-it notes all over my house which I find for weeks after – pure love. On Tuesday, I received a package in the mail from my niece Brette and her husband Adam. It was a box of ruggalach from a new place in NYC I wanted them to try. I had no idea I would be trying them too! I was so surprised. I’ll be writing more about this in an upcoming post. Last week I sent a cozy blanket to my sister-in-law Cathy, “just because” It’s something she did for me in the fall which I have been meaning to share with you  – see the photo below.


This is the box I received from my sister-in-law Cathy. She sent it sometime last September. It was such a surprise! I loved every bit of it down to the notes written on scraps of paper! How cute are the baby spoons and toothpicks?

Most holidays I send baked goods to family as friends. Valentine’s Day, I send cookies to people that aren’t expecting them and it’s quite a surprise. I’ll usually pick someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in years. Tomorrow I’ll go into the post office and bring Janet a bag of cookies too. I’m always mailing out cookies and this year, I think I’ll bring some to her. So follow my lead. Bring someone candy on the 10th of February, call me and order a special box of goodies for your college student – for no reason, send someone flowers on March 14th, apologize to someone if you’ve upset them, write a love note just because, send someone a cozy blanket, leave chocolate kisses on a loved one’s pillow, bring a friend or co-worker a cup of coffee with a note on the cup, give beautiful strawberries without chocolate on them, write a poem – it doesn’t have to rhyme, send someone something in the mail by surprise, and most important… tell them you love them every single day – don’t wait until tomorrow!


On this day, Friday, February 13th (yikes! it’s Friday the 13th!) I am heading into my kitchen to get ready for the farmer’s market. Tomorrow, you can find me at 400 West Rich Street Farmer’s Market sharing the love with… Red velvet caramel popcorn, caramel apples all decked out for that special someone (could be yourself, in fact why not you?), valentine candy, and maybe even a special valentine granola mix! Time to get to work!

But before I go… Here is a challenge for you. How do YOU tell someone you love them? Share your answers with me and I’ll post them. Then, show me how much you love me, by sharing my website with a friend or family member. Ask them to subscribe to my blog and like me on Facebook. Happy Valentine’s day! Try it and see what happens, I might surprise you with a little love from Splash of Sherri’s… Kitchen!


Valentine packages sent to college students. I’ll be creating a website for this new endeavor shortly.


Today is my Sister’s Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

This is MY SISTER and today is her birthday! My family is crazy about birthdays! Well maybe not the whole family – just my sisters and I! The photo was taken April 2014 in front of our old house where it all began… 38 east 89th street, Brooklyn, New York! Even though it was so many years ago, it doesn’t feel like that long ago. We were so happy taking pictures, reminiscing about my mother’s rose garden (which no longer exists), and trying to remember which neighbor lived in which house.

While we were busy showing our children the house and taking pictures, a man called to us from the upstairs window and asked what we were doing. At first we were a little nervous – after all, here we were in front of his house taking pictures. As it turned out, the people that own the house were so nice they invited us inside. We were thrilled! Of course our children being taught by us never to go into a stranger’s house had a different take on this – but that’s another story! The inside looked much smaller then we remember, but I think everyone says that about their childhood home. It was such a fun day that brought back a lot of great memories.

frannie and me in rose garden ps'

Here we are in the rose garden all those years ago. Nothing better than having a sister!

After riding around the old neighborhood for a while, we all got hungry so we stopped for pizza – what else? Click on the link to read about our pizza adventure here

I think my sister and I love pizza more than most people. Let’s be honest, what’s not to love? And, as it turns out, this week is National Pizza Week! So in honor of her birthday, and to kick off National Pizza Week, I picked up a couple of pies for dinner! Here is a photo of the Mediterranean vegetable pie I picked up from Borgata Pizza Cafe – it was so good! They were voted one of the top 25 pies in Columbus and once you try it, you’ll know why!

Follow me this week as I share photos, stories and recipes all about pizza – enjoy!



2015 Here we Come… Cheers!

A friend of mine from high school often writes inspirational quotes on her Facebook page. If you are having a bad day, reading them lifts you up. If you’re having a good day, it lifts you higher.  This morning she had written a beautiful and inspiring note on her Facebook page and I wanted to share a couple of lines she quoted.

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” Neil Gaiman

How will you surprise yourself this year? This year I plan to… Laugh every day.  Try to be much more mindful.  Exercise even though I don’t feel like it.  Feng Shui my house one drawer at a time, one day at a time!  Have more patience.  Pray for a world of peace and tolerance.  Relish the craziness of my life. Dream BIG.  Finish editing my cookbook.  Take a ceramics class.  Teach someone something new.  Not judge.  Meditate more often.  Turn my auto-pilot off.  Live life with purpose.  Be grateful.  Dance. Pay it forward. Remember to take my vitamins.  Learn to let it go.  Find cool things to share with my readers.  Throw a party for no reason.  Blog more, eat less!

Let the magic and madness begin!


New Year’s Eve 2002. It was a very good year!