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I once read on a website many years ago that baking is like your own personal fingerprint. At the time, I thought it was such a profound statement and so true. No matter how much I try to recreate a recipe, I inevitably end up making it my own. Whether it’s because I don’t like some of the ingredients, my oven bakes differently, or it’s humid outside, or even my brand of vanilla is different, it has become my fingerprint. In turn, this blog is my fingerprint.

The idea of starting a blog has been on my mind for a long time. I actually started one a year an a half ago. It was extremely short lived. I posted a few photos, wrote a couple of recipes, got busy with life, then I lost the blog and couldn’t find it! What I realized is it just wasn’t the right time and I wasn’t ready. Now I am. I have been cooking and baking for most of my life and have spent a large portion of it in a kitchen. Whether it was cooking with my mother as a child, dinner with my family around the table, or helping my children with their homework, the kitchen has always been the heart of my home.

When I am in the kitchen cooking, baking or even leafing through a magazine, it connects me with my mother. At first I thought my blog would be a way to have the conversations I wish I could still have with her. She passed away in 1997 and was the best cook and baker I know. She loved to share recipes with her friends, clip them from magazines, and read cookbooks as if they were novels. Most of all she loved to feed people – it gave her such joy. Like me, she could always be found in the kitchen! In a nutshell, I am truly my mother’s daughter. I share everyone of these traits and more, and just love having that connection to her. So, would this be what my blog is about? Would it be that connection?

First I had to come up with a name for my blog. I thought I could come up with a name and be up and running in minutes as some other bloggers suggested. Since I have a graphic design background I thought it would be pretty simple. However, I found there was more to it than that. I also had to learn how to create a website, which is what I am doing right now and that’s pretty cool. Although, it’s much more difficult than I thought it would be. Luckily I have great family support. When my blog name was too long, my younger son Ethan was the first to let me know and he was right. When I couldn’t figure out how to use WordPress, my husband Steven ran to the library and brought back every book they had on the subject!  And, when I struggled to understand how to make a page or even a simple post thank goodness for my oldest son Jarred. I was lucky it was his spring break from college. My family are the people I enjoy spending time with most. They are my heart, and my center.

3 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. Emerie

    Hi Sherri!

    I’ve been clicking through your blog this afternoon and it is really fantastic! I love the variety of content and all the helpful information.

    Anyway, I am a photographer, videographer, and artist in the Dayton area and I just wanted to introduce myself and ask that if you are ever in need of a photographer or media creator (for a logo, layout, video or photo series, etc.), please keep me in mind! I have very affordable rates, and I’m always looking to reach out to new collaborators. Please check out my portfolio and let me know if you’d ever like me to create something for you.

    Best of luck! And thanks again for your lovely blog.

  2. Esther Brody

    LOVE this blog!! Really enjoy your stories and ideas. If I don’t want to bake any of your awesome recipes, can I order from you? How to do that?


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