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I am… A Food Lover, Recipe Enthusiast and Writer, A Baker and Cook, Artist and Photographer, Mother and Wife, Sister and Friend, Forever a Hostess. A Woman of Many Words and Ideas.

Here are a few things to know about me… I rarely order a dish right off the menu. There is usually something I’ll need swapped out, omitted, or on the side! I’m not quite as bad as Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, but to quote her character in the movie “I like it the way I like it!” When I bake I follow the recipe exactly the first time, but the second time around make it my own. When I cook, I never follow a recipe exactly. I always alter it somehow.

My favorite foods in no particular order are: Pizza, iced coffee, cherries, potato chips, coffee cake, egg-rolls, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. If you think about it, they are 8 perfect foods! As I type this I’m wondering how chocolate pudding, and Drake’s Yodels or Devil Dogs didn’t make it to my top 8! Without hesitation, my top 8 list are the foods I could truly eat everyday – I don’t, but I could! Except for iced coffee, I’m obsessed with it and sure to blog about it at some point! That I have everyday.

On the more personal note… I was born in Brooklyn, New York and I’m the youngest of 4 sisters. My family moved to Florida when I was young and I spent the majority of my life waiting for the day I could head back to where I call home – New York. I dreamed of becoming an astronaut but my high school guidance counselor told me that wasn’t a career for girls. I wish I tried to prove him wrong, but I didn’t. For a short time thought about being a lawyer since I do love to talk and back then, loved a good argument! Happily I found my true calling and followed a creative path as an artist. That is something I will always be and identify with. Soon after I graduated from art school, I moved back to NY, even lived in Brooklyn a couple of years, got married to a great guy and enjoyed every minute of it.

11 years ago I found myself, my two small children and my husband on a plane headed to Columbus, Ohio. Most days I still can’t believe I live here.

How did I decide to start a blog? Well I guess you’ll have to read it to find out. However, I will tell you this… In the early 90’s I went back to school for my art education degree. I was told by one of my favorite professors at Marymount Manhattan College that she hopes I follow my true calling. She asked me my major and I told her art education. Then she said, that’s not your true calling, you should be a writer, you have a lot to say and what you say people should hear.

So here it is… Splash of Sherri, a blog about a New York Girl, in a Midwest Kitchen sharing how I put my own creative spin on things… Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. sherig63@hotmail.com

    Mutual admiration my sweet friend! Speaking of sweet, try the banana bread recipe! It’s so good!

  2. Naomi C

    Absolutely amazing! The recipes look delicious. Your writing is enjoyable and entertaining. I look forward to more!

  3. Cathy

    This is amazing! I love everything about it. Next time anyone asks for a recommendation on a good read its a “Splash of Sherri”. They can follow up with a good eat!

  4. Susie

    I decided to celebrate your birthday by catching up on A Splash of Sherri. What a delight! I feel like I had lunch with you, all over again! But, it made me so hungry!! Great fun, great recipes. I LOVE IT!!

  5. Cousin Barbara from NJ

    I love your writing, sensibility and hope to make your recipes soon. xo cousin Barbara from NJ

  6. Marlene Ostrow

    What a wonderful new blog! The writing is engaging and the stories are delightful. Of course, the recipes seem amazing and inspirational, Keep up the great work and color photos.

    Marlene from Cincinnati

    P.S A gentle ‘warning’ to first-time readers; Do not attempt to read SplashofSherri on an empty stomach as you will want to eat one of Sherri’s creations immediately afterwards!


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